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Based on Science - Built for Enjoyment


Ever try one of those inflatable floating coasters? Disastrous!

Introducing the Benzeni


An adjustable, highly-stable floating coaster

for all types of beverages.


Patent Pending

Use Benzeni with an insulating drink

container or koozie!

insulated tumbler


Great for pools, hot tubs...



...even take your Benzeni for a float on a lake

or down a stream.  Watch this!


But don't let your Benzeni float away!



‚ÄčAttaching the Tether 1)  Loop the tether around the benzeni and then back through itself. 2)  Attach the clip to your float, shirt, bathing suit - even your hat. OR 3)  Slip around your wrist and tighten / loosen with the length adjuster.




Customize with designs & logos.

Patent Pending

What a cool design! Who would have thought a floating coaster could be more than just a silly toy. This one really works.

How it works

Adjustable - Highly Stable - Fun!

Alternate design to further increase stability.


Is one more stable than the other?

Watch in slow motion.


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